North Fringe to Hengrove: informal consultation

The North Fringe to Hengrove Package MetroBus consultation has now closed


Comments submitted to the consultation will be carefully considered and wherever possible changes will be accommodated before final plans are drawn up and Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) prepared in spring 2015. There will be another chance to comment on individual TROs at that time.


Cribbs Patchway extension planned

Read about plans to extend MetroBus services into the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood in Filton.


MetroBus planning applications approved

All three MetroBus schemes now have planning permission.

Department of Transport give full approval to Ashton Vale to Temple Meads MetroBus scheme.


What is MetroBus?

The MetroBus (rapid transit) network is three bus routes: 
MetroBus will be an express service, separate from general traffic in places, with faster and more reliable journey times.
MetroBus is one part of the West of England's comprehensive integrated transport strategy to reduce car dependency and congestion with:
- passenger transport improvements (including MetroBus and new bus links), 
- measures to improve cycling and walking, 
- traffic and parking management, and
- improvements to rail via MetroWest

MetroBus has been designed to link and connect with existing rail and bus services. It builds on the £80 million investment in the Greater Bristol Bus Network and is part of an integrated approach to travel investment in the area.


Green, accessible and supporting sustainable growth

MetroBus is part of the West of England’s overall plan to:
- reduce carbon emissions,
- support sustainable economic growth,
- promote accessibility,
- contribute to better safety, security and health,
- improve quality of life and create a healthy natural environment.

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