MetroBus is a new express bus service that’s coming to the West of England region.

It’s a joint project between Bristol City Council, North Somerset Council and South Gloucestershire Council.

MetroBus is a form of high capacity rapid public transport found in urban areas. It’s a smarter way of travelling that uses a combination of segregated busways and bus lanes.

Similar schemes to MetroBus are planned or in operation in Manchester, Leeds, Swansea, Cambridge, Belfast, Dublin, Germany, Holland, Spain, Sweden and Australia.

Schemes like MetroBus are designed to fit in between local bus and rail travel, providing rapid and reliable journeys to destinations not easily reached by rail.


Construction on the MetroBus network started in early 2015. The first services are expected to start operating in late 2016.


The three MetroBus routes



The three MetroBus routes all have full approval for funding from the Department for Transport and planning permissions from the West of England councils.


Construction started in early 2015. The first MetroBus services are expected to start operating in late 2016.


Cribbs Patchway extension planned

Read about plans to extend MetroBus services into the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood in Filton.


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